How to Create Intentions vs Resolutions

"New beginnings are in order and you are bound 
to feel some level of excitement as new chances come your way."

One of my last few blogpost drafts included my new year post, "Chapter Four."
I actually intended to, but never got to, publish that post back in January 2019.
Now, it is 2020 - a new year and new decade! Insane how time flies by.

So, how to start fresh? 

Simple, with three steps that come with creating an intention!

- Repaving your own path
- Being open to new experiences
- Changing your attitude and outlook on life

First, what are intentions
and how do they differ 
from resolutions?

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The new year always brings excitement to start clean and create new versions of ourselves
and our lives. Most tackle this head-on with resolutions that try to override our current ones.
But, we can't disregard everything from our previous years. We bring and need to take our experiences and lessons learned into the new years we enter.

I don't know about you guys, but I actually was so crazy with making resolutions a while back.
I love making lists and one for resolutions was no exception.
Then I learned they were never more than a list and did away with them. I've said this in my previous post, "Resolutions, Irresolutions."

So, if you are like me and never fulfilled my resolutions, restart with intentions. It will improve your quality of life and self. The best part is you can do this anytime. We're almost entering February and this month, or any other, is still a good idea to start.

How to Create Intentions

Often, the small list of goals, or resolutions, are daunting and unrealistic to start or finish. Intentions are what I see as a purpose stating and redefining who you intend to be or the direction you want to head.

Think of a statement that you want to apply to yourself or your life.
This way, you create your own path.

For example, my intention this year is to live and be healthier.

Make a Plan to Support Your Intention

After setting an intention, go ahead and create a plan of actions for how to get to who
or where you want to be.

Continuing with my example "to live and be healthier," I start with fixing my sleep schedule.
This small change will trigger a domino effect of actions. I would gradually achieve what would have compiled to be my list of resolutions. The added bonus is the pressure for checking an item off a list has withered away.

To explain, by having a better sleeping schedule, I wake up a lot earlier.
As a result, I have more time for exercising, which is helping me become fit.
I also have time to cook and eat at home; both help me eat more fruits and vegetables
and save money. And this goes on!

This is where intentions can make you try new things and experiment with different actions. You'll replace what you've done in the past that has not worked or left you in a state of discontent. Heading towards a new direction with those actions will offer new experiences and knowledge to gain.

Have a Fresh Outlook, Fresh Start

Setting a plan in place will help you shift your attitude and outlook toward the better.
If you were feeling stuck, then you will begin to feel like you're progressing towards accomplishing your goals or dreams.
If you were in a good place before, you will go to better places after.

Intentions will put you in a refreshing state of mind. They allow you to believe that any small act can help you achieve anything. Even if you hit a bump in the road, you can change your methods or thinking and you will overcome it. Definitely a great way to start or continue your year.

Feel free to tell me what intentions you've set for yourselves.
Best Wishes for 2020!


If you're wondering why intentions relate to my photos from Rome, Italy.
Well, The Colosseum actually inspired me to write this post.

This most recent start of the year left me with so much hope and excitement. I sense "colossal" [badumtss] changes and opportunities coming this year. There will undeniably be obstacles along the way, but with a positive attitude I know I can persevere.

Yeah, my thought process is uncanny, I know...but felt like sharing that. ;P
Stay tuned for my actual travel post about Italy and more!

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