How To Stay Organized in Three Simple Steps

"Good order is the foundation of all things."
Edmund Burke

I'm not joking when I say I've had a planner every single year since the 5th grade. It really helps with giving you a sense of organization because life can get really messy. Here are a few steps to get you into the habit of using a planner.

1. Create a Backbone with Planning

What I like about planners is that it offers me time to gather my wits and list all of what I need and want to do. You don't necessarily need to have a planner, but it allows you to have everything in one place - upcoming dates, tasks, accomplishments, etc. In this way, you create a foundation for your day, week,!

So, start with planning:
List all tasks
Fill your calendar with important due dates, appointments, birthdays, etc.
Write potential monthly and weekly goals
Add any notes, comments, sketches for yourself

2. Learn to Prioritize - It's Critical

After listing and filling in everything, you will have a clear idea of all the things to be done. This is the part where you decide which ones to do before the others and prioritize. Do one week at a time. With my planner, I can go in-depth and designate a certain time of the day for different tasks and activities, but generally, you should divide your list and spread it throughout the whole week. Now, I don't always get to do everything because time is my number one enemy, but at least my top priorities are accomplished. What I usually don't get to, I make time for another day and encourages me to start having the mentality that some things are just not my priority rather than always saying "I don't have the time" as Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur and author, said so himself.

3. Be Productive

This is the simplest step, but hardest to execute at times. You have an outline for your day, week, and/ or month, all that's left is actually doing it. If you can't finish it all or get off track from what you've laid out, it's alright because you can't fully plan out life - it has to run its course, at least you'll have a good, orderly foundation. Do as much as you can and reward yourself afterwards!

Happy Planning!

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