"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."
Sydney J. Harris

Lucky Brand Plaid Top || H&M V-Neck || Arden B. Studded Joggers
White Mountain via Macy's Suede Wedges || Uniqlo Coat
Photos taken by Andrew Abuan

One holiday down, one more to go. New Year's Eve/ Day is just around the corner, but let's take this last week of 2016 to just relax and reflect...also, possibly work off all the food we ate during Christmas. It's going to be 2017 in a few days! Insane how fast time goes, but like many of you, I cannot wait for that fresh new start. There are so many things these past few years, especially this year, I wish I could do all over, but there's no reset button in life so this is as close as we can get to it. Take this little break to think of what you should do differently for the new year or just unwind - sip some tea or hot chocolate on the couch while reading a book or watching TV. Also, don't forget to spend time with your loved ones!


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