Never Too Late

"It's never too late..."

Michael Kors Bag and Watch || H&M Jeans || Converses
Hat from Wanelo || Old Navy Top || Vest from Marshall's
Photos taken by Bim Flores

A couple of days ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Jeanne Grey, tweeted, "'Too late' never exists. You have full control of everything." And of course, my top reminded me of it; and as I searched for a quote that related to my top and title, I discovered infinite possibilities to finish the phrase “it’s never too late…”

It is sort of a crazy phenomenon and I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with Jeanne’s tweet. A good amount of us always have regrets for not being able to do so many things, when in fact, you can decide in that moment, in that week, in that month to do whatever it was you never did. Whether it’s climbing a tree, saying, “I love you,” or simply, reading a book. “Too late” really doesn’t exist under that circumstance and you can take control of the direction your life is headed towards. It’s never too late to love unconditionally, to laugh freely, to travel aimlessly; and as I had said before, it’s never too late to let go of your inhibitions and to be who you want to be.

But in the same manner, we can only go so far because nature eventually takes its course and indeed, it is “too late” for everything. There are unknown forces in life far greater than us that we can’t control and we have to learn to accept what comes our way. C’est la vie! Despite the fact, we can all try our best to fulfill the life we want to have so when it is said to be “too late,” it just means that it’s too late to live more of the amazing life you’ve already been living.


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