White Night

"Life begins at night."
Charlaine Harris

PacSun Dress || Call It Spring Clutch || Castillo of California Heels
Photos taken by Andrew Abuan

Changed my backpack to a clutch, sneakers to heels, and added a necklace...et voila!
(If you haven't seen it, here is my day outfit: Black Day)

Quick Night Tips:
1. Accessorize!
Necklaces, earrings, headpieces, bracelets...you name it.
2. Stress free zone
Wear something you won't have to stress about fixing all night long because that can ruin the fun and if you complain, it will be annoying.
3. Packable flats
If you are going for a night out in the city, always bring flats. You'd even need it for driving if you're not venturing out in New York City. My personal favorite is the packable flats because they can be folded into a pouch and fit in your purse or clutch. They're not the best looking shoes, but they'll be your safe haven when the time comes. And they're not a hassle to carry if you don't need them.
Here is one selection from Amazon.
4. Check the weather
Bring a jacket, cardigan, or sweater just in case it becomes chilly.
5. Have fun!
Of course, stay safe, always have someone with you, and don't forget to eat if you'll be drinking! 


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