Guns N' Roses

"Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony."

Alexander Wang Top || Forever 21 Skirt || Arden B. Heels
Photos taken by Bimbo Flores

It's been a difficult task to dress properly as of late because of the ever changing temperatures. One day you're in sweaters wanting hot cocoa and the next you're ready to melt from the heat. The worst is when you have to layer up in the morning, only to shed them as soon as noon strikes. This hot and cold weather inspired me to pair a light sweater and skirt to balance between warmth and coolness. The metallic touches mixed with the floral print of this outfit reminded me of the band name Guns N' Roses, taken literally.

Like the unpredictable, hot and cold weather we're dealing with in the east coast, guns and roses are another two contradictory things-hard and soft. I've recently come across the philosophy of the Unity of Opposites in a book I read and became enraptured by it. To share this with you guys in the words of Renita Pizzitola, the theory that was suggested by Heraclitus is that, "It's like the theory of oneness. One thing's existence is dependent upon the other. Like if there was no up, we wouldn't have down. Basically, the balance unifies everything. So for every sensation, every move, every action, there is a counteraction to balance it. Inhalation. Exhalation. Push. Pull. Over. Under. In. Out."

One thing exists because of an opposite and the two create balance. In this sense, success cannot be what it is without failure. So, when you come across hard times and even fail, don't give up and persevere. Once you succeed, you'll know the worth of it since you've been on the other end of the scale. On that note, continue fighting your battles and hopefully the weather stabilizes as summer approaches and makes dressing up a less challenging task.


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