State No.1: Maine (Portland & Old Orchard Beach)

"The Way Life Should Be"

The latter part of 2015, I went to so many places and I loved every single minute of it, well, excluding the never-ending drives, long airport lines, and excrutiating plane rides. I love traveling and I wish I could do it at least once a month, but I don't have the money for that yet, but one day I will...

Moving on, visiting every state in the U.S. is on my travel bucket list, which is as crazy as it sounds. But so far, I've actually stayed and visited thirteen states and I may repost stuff from my old blog or revisit the state because I do have family all over the country. I am creating a series on this and for first state, here is my family's weekend trip to Maine from August 2015!

I didn't realize that all we did was eat in and shop until I was editing, but I hope the photos inspired you to visit Maine in the future! 


Sea Dog Brewing Co.
Surf 6 Oceanfront Grille & Bar
Muddy Rudder
Robert's Maine Grill and Market
Taylor Lobster Company (Lobsters To Go!)

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